Perfect Credit Program
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Perfect Credit Program


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Perfect Credit Program

Our perfect credit program will put your credit rating in a position to qualify for a mortgage, and earn better interest rates on auto loans and personal loans. In this program, we guarantee to boost your score over 700.

While in this program, contact you monthly to tell you how your scores improve or decline. We will review your accounts and advise you on the steps you can make to improve your scores and balance the type of credit in your portfolio.

Program Time Frame

All situations vary, but clients in the perfect credit program can expect to see changes within 3 to 6 months. However, our work is dependent on the credit bureaus to operate in good faith and follow the law which can extend work for up to a year. But time does not dictate the cost of the program unless you are not taking the necessary steps we advise. Our Perfect Credit Program service can help raise your credit score to 680**.

Refund Policy

Purchase of the Perfect Credit Program qualifies for 100% within 5 days of purchase. Afterward, refunds are requested based on work completed.

Credit Facts

There are two types of credit only, there is revolving and then there is installment credit. So the formula for perfect credit is based on those two factors, how many installments vs how many revolving. So how do these credit types affect my scores? If you know someone with a score of 585, this person has a derogatory credit program, they have bad credit. If the person’s scores are in the 600, they have a credit card problem of some sort.

If your credit score is at or around 650, you are close to perfect credit. To get your credit scores above 700, you need Zero Derogatory Credit. What are these derogatory items that are keeping you away from perfect credit?

Table of Contents:

  1. Inquiries
  2. Collections
  3. Charge off


Inquires are requests from financial or credit-extending institutions to evaluate your creditworthiness. If you are seeking financing for a credit card, automobile, mortgage or personal loan inquiries on your credit history will be made by the institution that will extend the credit. An excessive amount of inquiries will hurt your credit scores and lessen your chances of credit if many pulls are done quickly because this is evidence that you have been shopping around without positive results.


When a credit card or loan is past due, the debt is usually bought by a collections agency. Dealing with a collections agency is painful. They’re calling your phone every 5 minutes and sending you letters every day. On top of that, it negatively affects your credit report. Having one item in your collection can drop your score by 40-70 points. The perfect credit program we will help remove collections from your credit report while coaching you on how to not get debt into collections again.

Charge offs

A charge-off is when a past due amount (usually a credit card) is not paid off and will most likely be not collected. Creditors will decide to report the bad debt after 6 months of non-payment. A lot of people think a charge-off is good because you don’t have to worry about the debt anymore. They fail to realize that the charge off is shown on your credit report. It will negatively affect your credit report.


** We guarantee the boosting of your scores to a maximum720 score. There is no guarantee that all derogatory items on your credit will be removed. Restricted derogatory items include bankruptcy, tax liens, and foreclosure actions.



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