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Why Credit Restoration?

Credit Repair

The methodology of credit repair companies is to sign you up to a monthly subscription plan that takes your money without improving your credit.

The credit company simply looks at your credit report, takes your derogatory items and writes letters to the credit bureaus and claim, on your behalf, that 90% of the derogatory items are not not yours.

This is Bank Fraud , punishable by a minimum of 2 years in prison. 




PerfectCredit4Life is a “Credit Restoration” firm, not a “credit repair”. Our programs are designed to restore overall credit restoration and restore your access to capital. 

We tackle the fundamental problems and start from the acknowledgment that your credit history is yours.

On your behalf we contact the credit bureaus and creditors to demand the removal of items legally based on Fair Credit Act Reporting Act.

Weaponize your CREDIT!!

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620 Score Guarantee

$ 1250 50% Down
  • Qualify for job recruitment
  • Monthly Credit Consuling
  • Buy Used Car

700 Score Guarantee

$ 2500 50% Down
  • Faster Funding Approval
  • Finance a New Car
  • Prime Credit Card Approval

800 Score Guarantee

$ 5000 50% Down
  • Home Mortgage Approval
  • Small Business Funding
  • Government Employment
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