Good Credit Program

Good Credit Program


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Good Credit Program

Have you ever wondered why something you applied for did not happen? Have you had the qualifications and the means, but you are being overlooked? The answer to the riddle is your credit. Having good credit is a requirement that all US consumers must have to do anything in our great nation. The road to financial acceptance goes through your credit history.

If your credit scores are 600 or below, you are going to have a rough time qualifying for the necessities of adulthood. Let’s take a look at a few areas in that bad good credit, negatively affects your purchasing power.

Table of Contents:

  • Renting an apartment or house.
  • Car financing and insurance.
  • Applying for a job.

Renting an apartment or house

Renting an apartment or house is a basic need of adulthood. Most applicants don’t know that the realty companies and landlords run credit reports of their applicants. If your credit is “unfavorable” they will automatically decline to rent the space to you. If they make an exception, they will most likely require a large security deposit and extra months’ rent just to move in.

Car financing and insurance

Car dealerships will do everything in their interest to close a deal in the finance office. Having a low credit score will put you at a disadvantage in 2 ways. Firstly, you are classified as a subprime applicant and your loan will not originate from major banks and lending organizations. This means your interest rate will almost be double the normal rate of consumers who have a credit score of 700 and higher. Secondly, the car insurance rate depends on the quality of your credit, throughout the life of the policy.

Applying for a job

Job seekers need every advantage to land that next job in a competitive hiring field. However, a low credit score will disqualify you from good jobs, even if you are the best candidate.

And maintaining good credit is a requirement for many jobs, no more than government jobs or companies that must meet clearance certifications. Random credit checks of government employees are performed and those employees whose credit score is less than desirable have up to 45 days to get back to the minimum.

Good Credit Program

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of having good credit. Your whole life can be affected based on the quality of your credit score. Our Good Credit Program service can help raise your credit score to a maximum of  620**.

What derogatorys’ are handled:

  • Collections
  • Charge offs
  • Late payments

Program Time Frame

All situations vary, but clients in the good credit program can expect to see changes within 3 to 6 months. However, our work is dependent on the credit bureaus to operate in good faith and follow the law.

Refund Policy

Purchase of the Good Credit Program qualifies for 100% within 5 days of purchase. Afterward, refunds are requested based on work completed.


** We guarantee the boosting of your score to 620. After getting to 620 you will be graduated from our program. Restricted derogatory items include bankruptcy, tax liens, foreclosure actions.


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