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Zero Derogatory Credit– Strategic Planning Definition and Philosophy

In order to obtain a perfect 850 credit score your credit report must contain zero derogatory credit or ZDC and have perfect structure based on the credit scoring algorithm. Remember it takes an algorithm to beat an algorithm.  Fortunately for you, Dr. Grayson our CEO, wrote the algorithm.  Every bank and lender in the country wants ZDC and a minimum 720 credit score.  When you hire someone to fix your credit, that is really what you really want, ZDC.  Unfortunately, 99.99% of credit repair companies cannot deliver ZDC or an algorithm.  If you don’t believe me then just ask them what is their plan to give you ZDC.  It is impossible to dispute away every derogatory item on your credit.  In fact, 99.99% of credit repair firms will tell you that they can only remove erroneous items or mistakes from your credit.  Therefore, if your bad credit is not a mistake or error, then you are wasting your money.  After disputing and wishing your bad credit goes away, credit repair companies have no strategy.  That is why we have all three credit industry records. One of the primary reasons that we are able to achieve such extreme results that other companies have failed to replicate is because we employ the Grayson Method. The Grayson Method is a comprehensive process that guarantees the removal of every negative item on your credit report. This system is implemented in phases to insure the most cost-effective correction methodology has been chosen for your particular circumstance. Each method has its particular pros and cons which we will explore in this brief introduction. Ultimately you are in control of your credit enhancement process, so feel free to give us your input on how you would like us to proceed at any step in the process. There are five processes that we can use to remove derogatory items. These five steps make up the Grayson Method for Credit Correction:

  1. Scrubbing your credit         2.Administrative Remedies        3.Pay Per Deletion       4.Settlement         5.Legal Remedy


For most people this is typically what they believe is the entire credit repair process. For most companies in the credit repair business this is their only strategy and once they exhaust this strategy they can offer no further solutions. For us this is the starting point. Using this method we can eliminate 40-90% of all of your derogatory credit on average. This process usually takes 90 days or less, but can take longer depending on your particular credit situtation. Upon request we will try up to three scrubs before moving on to a different strategy. This is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to eliminate derogatory items from your credit. Our scrub process is the most effective in the country. However, once this process proves ineffective or too time consuming then it is time to move on to more aggressive techniques. Your initial program fee covers the cost of unlimited credit scrubs until such time as the desired score is reached. Usually we can achieve the desired score through the scrub process, however, in some cases this strategy may exceed the 90 day standard. 


Once you have decided that a more aggressive program is needed the next step is using an administrative remedy. Each remedy is customized to the creditor and the individual circumstances. We do not start with this strategy because some items will be removed without taking it to this level. Also in some cases this will result in an additional fee, our job is to minimize all additional cost. Furthermore, we try to limit exposure to our methodologies so that it insures maximum effectiveness. Once our strategies become commonplace or published on the internet the creditors will not take them as seriously as they should. This is why we customize each letter that goes out during this strategy. This step will add consistent pressure to the creditor to force them to do the right thing, which is to choose to stop reporting the negative item. This step can take an additional 3- 6 months.


At any time during the credit cleansing or administrative remedy process you can advise your paralegal that you would like to employ a pay per deletion strategy on any given item. Pay per deletion is one of many strategies that has been abused by shady credit repair organizations and has gotten a bad name.  Pay per deletion when used properly is a strategy designed to resolve a dispute with a creditor by offering compensation.  If requested, we will offer to pay the creditor a stipend in exchange for agreeing to stop reporting the disputed negative item. Typically, this stipend will be in the amount of 10%- 20% of the purported debt owed. This amount is paid in a onetime lump sum settlement. This method takes less than 30 days to complete. If time is important to you and we have already done at least three scrubs, then this is the method that you should strongly consider.


Once we have exhausted all of the top three remedies it is time to consider a settlement for all of those disputed bad debts that you have not paid. If you try a settlement on your own or through another company usually all you do is buy bad credit. When we settle your accounts for you we insure that the creditor stops reporting the negative item, which means that you are buying good credit. We only advocate settlement for those clients who are in a hurry to restore their credit and do not have the time to continue options one and two. This process takes less than 30 days. Prepare to pay between 20-30% of the original debt. Remember everyone else in the credit business will charge you 50% – 100% of the original debt; however, we do not accept kickbacks from your creditors. We work for you to get the lowest possible settlement, not your creditors.


This is the most effective process that we offer. Because we are experts in debt and credit law we have had tremendous results with this process. We have had so much overwhelming success with this process that we had done work for the head of the bar, many bankruptcy law firms, lawyers that offer foreclosure defense and many more. This process has been extremely successful on all types of bad debts including judgments, garnishments, repossessions, and foreclosures. The only reason we don’t simply take every credit issue to legal remedy from the start is that it would not be cost effective. A legal remedy guarantees your success but it comes at a premium.

Finally, after completing the credit correction process we then we employ our proprietary algorithm to restructure your credit for maximum scoring. Every month you are in our program you can sit back and watch your credit score increase.


The primary indicator or your business overall health is your PAYDEX® score. If you are ready to start applying for business loans you will need to first build your Paydex score. Your Paydex score is a business credit score that’s generated by Dun and Bradstreet (D&B). Their model analyzes a business’ payment performance and gives it a numerical score from 1 to 100, most businesses operate with a 50 or less Paydex, 70 Paydex is perfect business credit, most of our business graduate our program with an 80 Paydex which is equivalent to an 800 personal credit score.  Just like your creditworthiness hinges on a credit score, a business’s creditworthiness is determined by a scoring system as well. Whether you know it or not every time you apply for credit for your business, apply for a government contract or even offer to do business with another company someone will access your Paydex score. If your business is not getting the credit it deserves then this is the problem. Image the power you will have once your personal credit score exceeds 720 and your business credit score is 80. This is what we call unlimited access to capital.


Also know that your personal credit score doesn’t affect your Paydex score, it is vital to separate your business and personal finances. Most small businesses make the same mistake. They start their business with cash instead of credit. No matter how much money you start with it is never enough. That is why almost 90% of businesses fail in the first two years. Successful business start with business credit which never runs out. Our CEO was featured on the cover of Wealth magazine because our company has helped more small business become successful and created more millionaires than any other in the country and we do this by making sure that all of our small businesses have perfect personal and business credit.


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